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Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

If you're looking to improve your company culture with a stronger focus on diversity and inclusion, we've found some great intel to help inform your decision.

Kelly Lockwood Primus has put together a really great piece for the Training Industry website called 'Taking a Pulse on Your Company Culture Opens the Door to Inclusion' that you need to check out. Kelly is the CEO of Leading NOW - a global business advisor to organizations that are helping to change the mindsets and behaviors of leaders to create inclusive cultures. They help oversee the strategy, research development and client relationship management to help companies reach their global diversity goals.

Kelly said:

"If you’ve observed that your employees aren’t as engaged in their jobs as they once were, it’s not your imagination. Employees want to feel like they belong. They want to know their contribution to the organization is recognized. They want to have opportunities for growth. With unemployment rates at 3.6%, attrition rates rising, and employee engagement rates dropping, can your organization afford not to assess and address your culture?"

Click the link below to read Kelly's great article in full and find out how you can improve the diversity and inclusion at your workplace today.

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