Deposits 101

Processing deposits is one of the most important aspects of a teller’s job. In this module, we provide an overview of deposits and discuss accurately and securely processing them.
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In the United States the primary functions of the banking industry are accepting deposits and extending credit. These two principles form the foundation of the American banking system. Accepting deposits is primarily the responsibility of a bank's tellers. Tellers are the people who, on a daily basis, process customers' money into checking, savings and other types of accounts.


This module will provide you with an understanding of the deposit side of banking.

This course includes an examination.


Learning Objectives:

  • Discuss the common types of deposit account.
  • Identify the common components of a deposit slip.
  • Ensure the deposit slips you process are filled out correctly.
  • Discuss the different types of deposit customers may want to make.
  • Discuss the concept of debits and credits.

Course Outline:

o   Deposit Accounts

o   Checking Accounts

o   Savings Accounts

o   Money Market Accounts

o   Time Deposit Accounts

o   Deposit Slips

o   Elements

o   Filling out deposit slips

o   Deposit slip security

o   Other deposit slips

o   Types of Deposit

o   Simple deposits

o   Exact amount deposits

o   Change back deposits

o   Split, or cash back, transactions


0.83 hours


Audio, hybrid




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