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Cyber Resilience Training Advice

Cyber Resilience Training Advice

Ensuring the cyber resilience of your organization in today’s digital world is more important now than ever. That’s why we thought we’d share with you this great article by Jessica Collier for the Training Industry website called “Modern Training Methods to Enhance Cyber Resilience.”

Jessica is the Vice President of a law office case management software company offering cloud-based solutions for the legal sector. Her passion for digital innovation and cybersecurity has led her to being significantly successful in client collaboration and conversions.

Her great article takes a look at how well your organization can respond and recover from the numerous cyber threats it faces, with deep dives into the six modern cyber resilience training methods you need to consider:

  • On-demand learning
  • Workshops
  • Microlearning
  • Videos
  • Mobile learning
  • Blended learning

Jessica said:

“In a digital era marked by increasing cybercrime and threats, training employees is perhaps more important than ever before. Recognizing that employees may have limited time or may have different working models can help you design a training regime that meets those needs. With modern training methods that teach cyber resilience effectively, you can train your people to protect the business, and themselves.”

Click the link below to read Jessica’s interesting article in full on the Training Industry website, and find out how you can improve your cyber resilience training today.

Read full article here

Cybersecurity Training Courses

Getting employees on the same page about good security habits can be achieved by adding IT security training to your compliance program and included in new and annual employee training.

Consider Vubiz' IT Security courses

Our IT Security online courses can be easily added to your learning management system (LMS). Don't have an LMS? You can run training for your entire workforce using the Vubiz learning platform. If your IT team wants to customize training in order to meet their security goals, you can do that as well. To learn more about our customization options, request a personalized demo today!