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Picture of Developing Strong Customer Relationships

Developing Strong Customer Relationships

This course helps learners identify ways to provide consistent and legendary customer service.
From $19.50
Picture of Développer de bonnes relations avec ses clients

Développer de bonnes relations avec ses clients

Vos clients décident ou non de votre réussite, et ce qui compte est de développer des relations.
From $19.50
Picture of Effective Communication

Effective Communication

In this lesson you will learn how developing the technique of effective communication will help you focus more on the needs of your co-workers and customers.
From $9.50

Effective Telephone Techniques

In Effective Telephone Techniques, you will learn how developing effective telephone techniques will help in building relationships with your customers, thus ensuring their loyalty.
From $9.50

Employing the Strategy of Speed

This lesson explains SPEED, the SPEED mindset, the barriers to SPEED and the SPEED technique.
From $9.50


In this course on Empowerment you will develop the ability to take responsibility and exercise authority in making fast decisions.
From $9.50
Picture of Établir de bonnes relations avec les clients

Exceeding Customer Expectations

This lesson will help you better understand the mind of the customer and gain appreciation of being part of a team that provides outstanding customer service.
From $9.50
Picture of Expanding Customer Services (for Financial Services)

Expanding Customer Services (for Financial Services)

This six-part elearning program is designed to show the employees of financial institutions how they can promote the success of their institution by expanding its existing relationships with customers.
From $29.00


This lesson on Feedback will help you appreciate the importance of maintaining open, honest relationships with your colleagues and supervisors and the power of recognizing their efforts!
From $9.50

Feelings: Customer Service for those in Service Retail

Inspire your employees with the Quality Service philosophy and give them the skills they need to provide excellence in customer service.
From $19.50

Five Star Service for Hospitality Employees

Learn how to meet and exceed the needs of your customers within the hospitality industry by using a quality service approach.
From $19.50

Five Star Service for Hospitality Managers

Learn powerful new coaching skills that will allow you to make significant improvements in customer service, quality and employee self-worth.
From $19.50

Formation en ligne sur l'accessibilité pour les personnes handicapées de l'Ontario

La Loi sur l’accessibilité pour les personnes handicapées de l’Ontario (LAPHO) a pour but d’identifier, supprimer et prévenir les barrières pour les personnes handicapées.
From $19.50

Fundamentals of Web-Based Marketing

In this three-part course, we will discuss social media and how to develop an effective social media marketing plan. We will help you explore and refine your Internet strategy so that your website can become your most effective marketing tool. Lastly, we will review the basics of marketing and apply them to online business.
From $19.50