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Corporate Training Trends

Corporate Training Trends

If you're looking for the latest corporate training trends that are really turning heads in 2022, then we have the perfect information for you.

Kirstie Greany has taken the time to put together a great piece for the eLearning Industry website called '5 Corporate Training Trends To Watch Out For In 2022'. Kirstie is an experienced, creative performance enhancement consultant and designer who specializes in digital and blended solutions. A well-rounded consultant, Kristie supports large organizations to set out visions, strategies and roadmaps for effective digital learning, alongside coaching eLearning managers and content creators to create winning results.

Kirstie spoke with eLearning industry experts, leaders, and learners to discover what they want and need from corporate training in 2022, with key topics including:

  • Micro-learning that is truly micro
  • Flexible blended learning
  • Video powered social learning
  • AI personalized learning experiences
  • Wellbeing as a priority

Kirstie said:

"With many people still working from home and face-to-face training largely impossible, digital learning continues to help employees keep pace with change. People are now used to self-directed learning. Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT), webinars, and eLearning are familiar tools for training while working remotely. As our ways of working continue to evolve in 2022, L&D needs to keep pace. We’ve identified 5 training trends that will help you create value for your business and employees in the coming year. Whether you focus on micro-learning, flexible blends, user-generated video, data personalized learning paths, or wellbeing, the key to success in the coming year is putting your people at the center of L&D."

Click the link below to read Kirstie's great article on the eLearning Industry website and find out the best corporate trends of 2022 today.

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