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Corporate Learning Predictions

Corporate Learning Predictions

It's really difficult to envisage what's around the corner these days, but we've found some great corporate learning predictions that we think are well worth your attention in 2022.

Ramesh Ramani has put together a great piece for the eLearning industry website that takes a close look at some of the changes and predictions in corporate learning that could really benefit your company. Ramesh is a skilled entrepreneur and sets the overall strategic direction for Expertus, a cloud-based learning management platform designed to change how learning resources are found, shared and retained. Adept at evaluating business opportunities and structuring companies to profitably address market needs, Ramesh excels at forming teams, developing talent and leveraging global alliances.

His great piece takes a deep-dive into some of the key factors you should be looking out for in your corporate learning in 2022, with in-depth looks into these key topics:

  • Flexible and personalized training
  • Upskilling can future-proof companies
  • Data-driven corporate training

Ramesh said:

"Corporate learning is impacted by workplace culture. This is why my predictions for the corporate learning world in 2022 correspond to a set of cultural values that center around this concept of more empathetic leadership. My main trend prediction for corporate learning in 2022 is that it will become more focused on the employee, and this will transform how we work. As corporate leaders accept more socially responsible management styles—leadership that treats every employee as an individual, not a cog in the wheel—an investment in Learning and Development is a practical way to show team members that the company is committed to their growth and their success."

Click the link below to read Ramesh's interesting article in full and find out the possible future of corporate learning both today and beyond.

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