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Communicating at Work

This Communicating at Work online training course is designed for CEO’s to front line employees. This course contains both interpersonal and organizational communications and provides a solid grounding for business ethics.
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This Communicating at Work online training course explores the fundamentals of both interpersonal and organizational communications, it also provides a solid grounding in business ethics. Many employees find this online course to be as valuable as their daily planner.

The workplace is undergoing profound changes. As a businessperson and, especially, as a business communicator, you will be affected by many of these changes. Some of the most significant transformations include global competition, flattened management hierarchies, and more team-based projects. Other changes reflect our constantly evolving information technology, new work environments, a diverse workforce, and the emergence of a knowledge-based economy. The following course reveals how your success in the new workplace depends on excellent communication skills.

Course Learning Objectives:

On completion of this Communicating at Work course, the user will learn to:

  • Identify changes in the workplace and the importance of communication skills
  • Define and describe the process of communication
  • Understand barriers to interpersonal communication and the importance of overcoming them
  • Assess the flow of communication in organizations, including barriers and methods for overcoming those barriers
  • Understand the goals of ethical business communication and describe important tools for doing the right thing

Course Outline:

This online Communication at Work course is made up of the following sections:

  1. Communication at Work Today
  2. Communication: A 5-Step Process
  3. Reducing Communication Barriers
  4. Organizational Functions
  5. Oral Versus Written Communication
  6. Communication in Organizations
  7. Communication and Ethics

Course Audience:

This Communicating at Work online training course was designed for CEO’s to front line employees.

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Course LanguageEnglish
Length Range31 - 60 Minutes
Length (Hours)0.75
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Course FeaturesNASBA CPE - QAS Self Study
NASBA CPE Credits1.0
Module Number(s)12578EN