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Marketing (4 module program)

This four hour program was created for individuals who want to know more about marketing.
From $39.50

Marketing and Customer Service

This module will be particularly relevant to individuals working in an existing business environment and who want to implement a customer service program. Customer service is a set of activities undertaken by a business whose purpose is to enhance customer satisfaction.
From $19.50

Marketing Basics

We will develop a working definition of marketing. We will illustrate that marketing is simply a process or set of activities whose goals are to provide goods and services to individuals.
From $19.50

Marketing Basics for Business Web Sites

In the course, we will review the basics of marketing and apply them to online business. We will examine ways to identify your target market and create an effective web marketing strategy.
From $19.50

Marketing Opportunities

We will examine three fundamental activities: Identifying opportunities; conducting market research; and understanding consumer behavior. We will take a closer look at the process to seek out attractive opportunities that a corporation, an individual, or a non-profit organization would undertake.
From $19.50

Meeting Effectiveness

This course teaches the skills needed to lead and participate in meetings effectively and efficiently.
From $19.50

Mercadotecnia en los medios sociales

En este curso hablaremos sobre los medios sociales y el papel que desempeña la mercadotecnia en los medios sociales. Identificaremos las plataformas de medios sociales más utilizadas, explicaremos la importancia de cada una en un contexto de mercadotecnia y discutiremos los diversos aspectos del desarrollo de un plan de mercadotecnia en los medios sociales.

Mobile Communications

Mobile Communications will provide you with the information you need to manage mobile devices in the modern work environment.
From $19.50

Negotiating for Success

The course will discuss key negotiation topics and show you how to equip yourself confidently with techniques which will help to generate success in negotiations.
From $49.50

New Business Development: Cold Calling

New business development is critical for the ongoing success of any business. Contacting prospective new customers ('prospects') on the phone is one of the most powerful ways to maintain this new business stream.
From $39.50

Non-Profit Organizations and Director's Liability

The six modules in this program will provide boards and staff of non-profit organizations with an understanding of the rights, obligations and liability issues associated with the role of director.
From $40.00

Online Customer Support

Learn how to provide excellent customer support through live chat, text messaging and email.
From $24.50

Operations Management

Operations Management is concerned with the work an organization must do to satisfy its customers. This comprehensive series will advise management consultants on current practices in operations management, as well as go into detail regarding best practices within the industry.
From $49.50
Picture of Organisation et présentation des rapports

Organisation et présentation des rapports

Ce cours vous donnera les outils nécessaires pour améliorer vos aptitudes pour rédiger des rapports.
From $19.50

PCR-3: Professional Customer Relations Soft Skills Series: Customer Service Skills

Achieve success in your career by building professional communication skills through active listening, telephone skills and by knowing what strategies to use when dealing with difficult situations.
From $34.50