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Building Community with Online Training

Building Community with Online Training

It can be difficult to build a strong work community while online training, but we’ve sourced some excellent advice on how to create learning experiences that strengthen connections in today’s hybrid workplaces.

Heather Muir has put together a really interesting piece for the Training Industry website called ‘4 Ways to Build Community Through Digital Training.’ Heather is the Vice President of Marketing for Mandel Communications, who deliver global communications skills training at scale. From in-person training to virtual, digital and hybrid, their workshops are available in seventy-five countries in over fourteen languages.

Heather’s great article takes a deep-dive into how to build community through online training, with key topics including.

  • Designing for digital with the human in mind
  • Team practice
  • Peer coaching
  • Discussion boards
  • Leader involvement
  • Training as a culture tool

Heather said:

"The right digital learning design can help organizations make huge strides in building team connection and a sense of belonging for participants. Companies that view training as a strategic tool to build culture gain important advantages. The outcomes of a cohesive corporate culture range from greater employee retention to improved stakeholder engagement. When a training initiative helps an organization develop an overall sense of community, individuals and teams can be better equipped to handle today’s unpredictable and constantly changing business conditions."

Click the link below to read Heather’s great piece over on the Training Industry website, and discover how you can build community through online training today.

Read full article here