Hybrid Workplace Connection
With the world’s shift to a hybrid workplace, find out how you can bridge the gap between workmates to build trust and morale.
Returning to the Workplace
As many companies look to welcoming back employees who will soon be returning to the workplace, now is a good time to consider the psychological impact for people transitioning to the new normal.
IT Security Training with Vubiz
If you’re looking to refresh yourself and your staff on the latest IT security training, then we’ve got you covered with some brand new courses for 2021.
Virtual Presentation Training
We are pleased to announce that we have a brand new virtual presentation training course to help you and your employees improve how you interact with confidence while doing presentations online.
New Workplace Training Courses
We have two brand new workplace training courses that will help you improve your HR and hiring processes.
Reduce Workplace Stress
With all of us handling the tough times that Coronavirus has thrown at us, now is the time to try your best to reduce workplace stress.
New Virtual Work Courses
We are pleased to announce that we have a whole host of brand new Vubiz eLearning courses to help you with your virtual work environment.
Importance of Online Compliance Training
Find out why your company should never underestimate the importance of online compliance training to help your business thrive in 2020.
Create a Flexible eLearning Culture
With the huge increase in online learning, now is a great time to consider cultivating a flexible eLearning culture to help your business keep up with the ever-changing landscape.
Now is the Time for Online Training
Online training has never been more important than now, that’s why we thought we’d share with you this great article from Training Journal on how eLearning has emerged as the most common approach.
The Rise of Online eLearning
To find out more about the huge rise in online eLearning across the globe in 2020, why not check out this great thought piece from Forbes Magazine.
eLearning Safety Training Tools
If you’re looking for some essential Coronavirus eLearning safety training tools, check out this great article from the Founder of eLearning Industry.
Remote Online Learning Tips
If you’re struggling to stay productive and focused, why not check out this great article on good practices to consider when remote online learning.
New Online Learning During Covid-19
The increase in new online learning during the Coronavirus has led to a wide variety of companies trying their hand at creating fresh content for their clients in order for their business to survive.
Returning to Work Training Courses
We are pleased to announce that we have two brand new mandated courses for both employers and employees for the best practices for returning to work in 2020.
Reimagine the Future of eLearning
The future of eLearning and schooling as a whole has changed. The world of education has shifted faster this year than ever before, which means it’s time to reimagine eLearning for the post-Covid future.
The Future of Work Psychologically
As people begin to return to their jobs, it’s important to look at the future of work not just from a safety point of view, but also mentally.
The Future of Work is Flexible
If you’re trying to find out what the future of work looks like, check out this great article on how companies will seize this opportunity to offer their employees greater flexibility.
The Future of Work
After the pandemic has passed, what will the future of work look like? Why not take our new course that look at the trends that may affect employment in the post-Corona world?