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Agricultural Lending

Agricultural lending requires a different approach from other forms of commercial lending. This course provides you with an overview of regulatory concerns, best practices, and risk as they relate to agricultural lending.
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Agricultural lending has been vital to the success and growth of the farming industry throughout U.S history. However, as with all forms of lending, agricultural lending poses a unique set of risks for lenders. In this course we will provide you with an overview of agricultural lending

This course includes an examination.


Learning Objectives:

  •  Explain and identify risks associated with agricultural lending
  • Effectively monitor agricultural loans
  • Understand the principles of underwriting for agricultural loans
  • Properly classify agricultural loans


Course Outline:

  •   Agricultural Lending Risk

o   Credit risk

o   Liquidity risk

o   Transaction risk

o   Reputation risk

  • Underwriting

o   Financial analysis

o   Cash vs. accrual

o   Agricultural activities

o   Loan structure

o   Advance rates

o   Collateral valuation

o   Lien perfection

o   Credit risk management

  • Ongoing Monitoring

o   Inspections

o   Re-appraisals and evaluations

o   Monitoring different types of collateral

  • Loan Classification

o   Key criteria

o   Production loans

o   Livestock loans

o   Equipment loans

  • Carryover debt


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Audio, hybrid



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Course Language English
Length Range 31 - 60 Minutes
Length (Hours) 1.00
Course Features Audio
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