Elearning Knowledge Retention Tips

Author Headshot Written by Liz McDermott

Elearning Knowledge Retention Tips

Ensuring your employee's online training is sinking in is vitally important. We thought we'd share these great tips on increasing eLearning knowledge retention to take your training to the next level.

Christopher Pappas has written a brilliant article called "9 Tips To Increase Knowledge Retention Rates In Your eLearning Courses". Christopher holds an MBA and an MEd (Learning Design) from BGSU and is also the Founder of the eLearning Industry website. This leading online training publishing platform delivers inspiring, industry-specific content to eLearning professionals.

This article takes a look at the nine strategies for boosting eLearning knowledge retention and delves into the factors you need to consider, including:

  • Spaced repetition
  • Active learning opportunities
  • Multimedia learning experience
  • Personalization
  • Relevant material
  • Regular formative assessments
  • Self-regulated learning
  • Knowledge application
  • Peer-to-peer teaching


Learning Retention is Key


Christopher's main takeaway:

"Unfortunately, we can't avoid forgetting some of the content we consume. Whether it's books, podcasts, articles, or anything else we gather information from, we're bound to forget some of it at some point in our lives. Memorizing key concepts and ideas won't get learners far when it's time to apply their newfound knowledge in the real world. This is why it's crucial to focus on boosting knowledge retention rates and making the information stick."

Read the full article to learn how to improve your employee's eLearning knowledge retention today.

Read the full article here

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