Effective Online Coaching Tips

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Effective Online Coaching Tips

Providing remote employees with effective online coaching is even more important during these uncertain economic times.

We thought we'd share this fantastic article called "Context, Coaching, and Conclusions: 3 Requirements of Effective Training" by Russ Sharer.

Russ is a Chief Sales Officer with over 30 years of experience, who, during that time, has supported companies from startups to Fortune 500s in recruitment, training, channel strategy, global partnerships, and outbound marketing.

His excellent article takes a look at the 'Three Cs' - essential requirements that you need to consider when providing practical training:

  • Context — pay attention to your audience
  • Coaching — incorporate systems to reinforce training
  • Conclusions — use assessment tools to identify successes and opportunities for improvement.


3 Components of Effective Training


Russ' main takeaway':

"While it has been shared many times, John Maxwell's axiom still rings true, "People change when they hurt enough that they have to, learn enough that they want to, and receive enough that they can." The best training organizations focus on the last point — giving the learners context, coaching, and conclusions — to experience lasting change. So, in this era of budgetary caution, the key questions are: what does it take to generate real change, and how do we know our training is effective?"

Read the full article to find out today how you can create effective online coaching today.

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