Effective Compliance Training Tips

Author Headshot Written by Liz McDermott

Effective Compliance Training Tips

To ensure your business will thrive in the future, it’s vitally important that you have an effective compliance training strategy in place at your company.

That’s why we thought we’d share with you this extremely helpful article by Christopher Pappas called Why Every Organization Needs Effective Compliance Training Resources.” Christopher is the founder of eLearning Industry, the leading publishing platform that delivers inspiring, industry-specific content to online training professionals. Christopher also holds an MBA and an MEd in Learning Design from BGSU and is a leading figure in the global eLearning conversation.

Christopher’s great piece takes an in-depth look at these six great tips to help you find the right compliance training resources:

  • Re-purpose Existing Content
  • Curate Online Content
  • Turn To Regulatory Agencies
  • Purchase Off-The-Shelf Solutions
  • Encourage Employee-Generated Content
  • Hire An Outsourcing Partner


Compliance Training for JIT Success


Christopher's main takeaway:

“Compliance training resources provide JIT support and knowledge reinforcement. Employees can also use them to identify and bridge personal gaps. For example, develop skills that they lack to perform compliance tasks. Or work on performance habits that may eventually lead to injury or costly breaches. Every organization needs compliance training tools to mitigate risks associated with their industry. As well as safety issues that are shared among all businesses. Such as dealing with the COVID crisis or ensuring data security.”

Read the full article to find out more about Christopher’s great advice on how you can build an effective compliance training strategy at your company today.

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