Boost Your Employee Learning Culture

Author Headshot Written by Liz McDermott

Boost Your Employee Learning Culture

Making your employees feel valued by creating a strong learning culture is essential to improving workplace mental health.

That's why we thought we'd share this excellent article by Loren Sanders called "Creating a Culture of Mattering: 5 Ways L&D Can Help Employees Feel Valued". Loren is a senior enterprise learning and development manager and teaches organizational communications at Lake Forest Graduate School of Management.

Loren's interesting piece takes a deep dive into these topics on how you can make a substantial impact on your employees and their learning culture:

  • Creating rubrics that support performance
  • Knowing when to have conversations
  • Creating frameworks for coaching conversations
  • Affirming employee strengths
  • Creating Meaning


Performance Strategy Through Learning


Loren's main takeaway:

"The thoughts someone has impacted how they behave. In a learning culture, we know that behavior is what does or doesn't get results. Results drive business performance, and environments where people feel like they matter and belong are imperative to accomplishing work. Equipping front-line leaders with support tools that allow them to continue performance focus in meaningful ways helps drive colleague engagement, increases the success of learning programs, and helps colleagues feel like they matter. This is a win all around."

Read the full article to learn how to improve your learning culture today.

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