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Common Frauds and Scams

Frauds and scams evolve at a rapid pace. Learn what you can do to combat common frauds and scams in banking by taking this course.
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Frauds and scams have been around since the beginning of banking. However, rapid technological advances have caused these frauds and scams to become more sophisticated and harder to detect.


The staff at your bank look to managers and executives for guidance. If you have a cavalier attitude towards bank security, they may well adopt that attitude. Likewise, if you are aware, vigilant, and judicious when it comes to matters of security, that attitude will be adopted by all bank staff.


This module will provide bankers with the information they need to know about common frauds and scams. We will introduce common frauds and scams, and discuss the importance of awareness and education.


This course includes an examination.


Learning Objectives:

  •  Identify common frauds and scams
  • Implement policies and procedures to combat common frauds and scams
  • Implement employee education programs to help your staff identify frauds and scams
  • Implement customer education programs to help protect your institution's customers against frauds and scams

Course Outline:

  •   Awareness
    • Impact of fraud
    • Awareness
    • Customer education
  • Withdrawing Against Unpaid Funds
    • Check kiting
    • Cash back fraud
    • Dormant account fraud
  • Identity Theft
    • Schemes criminals attempt after they have stolen a person's identity
    • Banks' responsibilities to help prevent identity theft as outlined in FACTA
  • Cyber Crimes
    • Hacking
    • Phishing
    • Vishing
    • Protecting your customers from cyber crimes
  • Confusion Scams
    • Changing large bills
  • Deposit ticket scams


0.83 hours


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