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Elearning for Kids Under 12

These courses are intended for children under the age of 12.

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Virtues for a Happy Life

Learn about feelings and how to control them, long-term and short-term goals and practicing empathy.
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What is Currency?

If you travel to a different country, you will probably have to exchange your home country’s currency for the currency of the country you’re visiting.
From $3.99

What is Phishing?

Learn about phishing scams, how to identify them and stay safe online.
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Picture of What We Do With Our Waste

What We Do With Our Waste

This course introduces children to the need for health and safety awareness when on a trip away from home.
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What? In the World – The Continents

Journey through the seven continents of the world and learn all kinds of fun facts!
From $3.99

Where in Canada?

How much do you know about Canada?
From $3.99

Where in the United States?

How much do you know about the USA?
From $3.99

Where? In the World? - Countries

Take a trip around the world! Learn fun facts about all the countries of the world.
From $3.99

Where’s the Money?

This course explains where the money goes in a business.
From $3.99

Your First Email

Do you have permission to sign up for your first email account? Learn the basics here and you'll be emailing like a pro in no time!
From $3.99

Your First Resume

Learn how to write your first resume!
From $3.99