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Elearning for Kids Under 12

These courses are intended for children under the age of 12.

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Care for Your Cat

Learn how to keep your cat happy, healthy and well-behaved.
From $3.99

Care for Your Dog

Learn how to keep your dog happy, healthy and well-behaved.
From $3.99

Comment se faire payer

En argent comptant? Par chèque? Par carte de crédit? Quel est le meilleur moyen pour Yard Kidz de se faire payer?
From $3.99

Coping with Anxiety

It's important to know what anxiety is, and what to do about it. In this lesson, we will explore some strategies that will help you manage your anxiety.
From $3.99

Counting Comes First

Making Choices With Our Money
From $3.99


From $3.99

Crowdfunding 201

Kids learn some tips on how to run a successful online crowdfunding campaign.
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This lesson defines cyberbullying, provides examples and discusses what actions kids can take if they are someone they know if being bullied online.
From $3.99

Different Ways of Measuring

Learn how to recognize and convert metric and imperial measurements.
From $3.99
Earthquake Preparedness Online Training Course

Earthquake Preparedness

The Earthquake Preparedness online training course is designed to teach children and pre-teens what earthquakes are, where and when earthquakes occur as well how to stay safe by following an earthquake preparedness plan. The course teaches tips for staying safe during an earthquake “drop, cover and hold on” and what to do when the earth stops moving.
From $3.99

Education Savings

This course is an introduction to the idea of saving for a college education.
From $3.99

Electrical Safety

Electricity can be dangerous. Learn how to stay safe!
From $3.99

Everyday Measuring – Designing and Building

Learn how to measure simple geometrical shapes and calculate area.
From $3.99

Finishing a Fundraiser

Using a fun theme of a medieval knight’s quest, kids learn about “Giving Back” and raising money for a good cause, focusing particularly on how produce a final budget for your fundraising campaign and cement your relationship with your supporters by showing them your gratitude.
From $3.99
Fire Evacuation Online Training Course

Fire Evacuation

This Fire Evacuation online training course is designed to teach children what their families can do to prevent fires at home, and what to do if a fire does occur.
From $3.99