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The Value of Elearning Content

The Value of Elearning Content

If you're looking to evaluate the cost versus value of eLearning content, then we've sourced some great information for you. Learning Solutions Magazine has put together a great piece that looks at the various factors you need to consider when weighing the constructive benefits of creating or purchasing eLearning content to take your company's online training to the next level.

Written by Kasper Spiro, the article 'eLearning Content: Cost or Value?' shines alight on the added value you're offering your company and employees when creating or purchasing eLearning content. Kasper is the CEO of ‘Easygenerator’ and has over 25 years experience in the field of learning and user performance support. His experience ranges from teaching, authoring textbooks, designing and creating eLearning, and content knowledge management.

His interesting piece takes a deep dive into such important topics as:

  • The cost of eLearning creation
  • Time and knowledge
  • Reframing the creation process
  • Strategy, people, tools and content

Kasper said:

"Many organizations have long based their decision to create eLearning materials on costs. But this is an old-school, defensive perspective. eLearning initiatives shouldn’t be based on price lists, but on the added value to the organization. eLearning can bring major organizational value that far outweighs its costs. By replacing the time-consuming process of creating specialty eLearning courses with a scalable approach like EGL, you’ll be able to fulfill your employees’ learning needs more easily with a fraction of the costs. In return, this empowers them to create even more value for your organization. In this article, I’ll pay attention to that cost perspective but I’ll also focus on the more constructive outlook of value."

Click the link below to read the article in full at the Learning Solutions Magazine and find out how you can learn the true value of eLearning content today.

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