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The Best Elearning Articles of 2021

The Best Elearning Articles of 2021

2021 has been a testing year for everyone across all sectors of business. One of the shining lights for us in the online training industry has been the quality of eLearning content available from a wide variety of new sources. On our Vubiz blog, we like to share not only the news on our latest courses, but also some of the best eLearning articles from the likes of Forbes, Training Industry, Business2Community, eLearning Industry and many more.

That’s why we thought we’d offer you the opportunity to check out our end of year round-up of some of the best articles that we have shared throughout 2021:



Check out this fantastic piece here by Alaini Szlachta for Training Industry’s online magazine called “The World Has Shifted, and So Has Learning and Development: Developing Training for Customers and Consumers”that takes a deep dive into the things you should be incorporating when enhancing your eLearning experience.



Another great article here in February from eLearning Industry called the ‘Do’s and Don’ts for Successful eLearning Projects’.Written by development experts Corrina Dilloughery and Claire Schneeberger, the article takes a look into how you can generate success from your team of project leaders.



We shared this superb article here by Yuxi Zhang called ‘Tools That Enable Online Training to Outperform Face-to-face Training’that gives you the lowdown on how to create a better sense of connection for your remote eLearning to improve online training at your business.



We sourced this fantastic article ‘4 Ways to Improve How You Support Remote Workers’ by Justin Deonarine for ATD that shines a light on the best ways to support remote workers who may be struggling with the prolonged time working from home.



This month we offered you the chance to download not only the ‘The Science of Workplace Instruction: Learning and Development Applied to Work’paper here, but also a great review of the piece by recognized scholar Clark Quinn.



Check out this great piece here by Dr. Britt Andreatta called ‘Returning to the Workplace: An Opportunity to Build Better Psychological Safety’, that shines a light on the steps your organization should consider in regards to psychological safety in the workplace.



If you’re looking for some great ideas to get your new employees excited about onboarding compliance training, check out this great article hereby Christopher Pappas called ‘Seven Foolproof Ways To Get New Hires Engaged in Onboarding Compliance Online Training’, for eLearning Industry.



If you’re looking to improve your employee training environments, check out Amanda Couturier’s brilliant article ‘Five Wellness Strategies to Make Training Environments More Productivehere that is a great guide to help you create the perfect space for learners to train.



If you’re looking to create an inclusive and diverse workforce at your business, check out Richard Miller’s fantastic article here called ‘The How and Why of Building a Diverse Workforce’ that looks at some of the actionable steps you can take to reap the benefits of an inclusive work environmentl.



Since 2004, October has been Cybersecurity Awareness Month and as a broad effort to help you stay safe and secure online, we thought we’d share with you some of its history and a few of our great IT Security courses here.



Written by Serenity Gibbon for esteemed online business magazine Forbes, check out her piece ‘How To Make Corporate E-Learning A Positive Experience For Your Employees’here that shines a light on three great ways to help take your workplace training to the next level.



Written by Kristy McCann Flynn, her article here '3 Ways to Elicit High Performance in a Diverse Workforce: A Case for Equitable Learning' is the perfect piece of content to ensure even the most diverse workforces continue to grow and help you move your business forward in 2022.

We hope you enjoy these informative eLearning articles as much as we did. Here’s wishing you a happy holidays and a great New Year from the entire Vubiz team.