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Obtaining Commitment and Following Up

This Obtaining Commitment and Following Up online training course is designed for sales employees. Making the sale is as much about the pitch as it is about recognizing signals—positive ones that let you know that your pitch was successful, as well as negative ones that let you know that you should modify your strategy. The important thing is to remain positive through the process. Through this course, you will obtain the knowledge and skills required to build and maintain a close business relationship with your prospects.
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This Obtaining Commitment and Following Up online training course explores final steps in the Systematic Selling process.

The road to obtaining a commitment is in fact a staircase of agreement, i.e., a series of small agreements leading towards the request for commitment to your final recommendation. You will learn to identify subtle positive and negative signals coming from the buyer and respond to them effectively. Asking for a commitment is a nuanced activity that involves timing, planning, and connecting your approach to your prospects’ behavioral styles, among other things.

Once you win the sale, you need to know how to follow-up to keep the relationship alive and thriving—for instance, dealing with buyer blues.

Course Learning Objectives:

By taking this online Obtaining Commitment and Following Up course, the user will learn:

  • State the importance of maintaining a positive attitude right through the sales process.
  • Review the questions used at each stage of the sales process to secure agreement.
  • Identify buying and danger signals.
  • Recognize when you should ask for commitment.
  • Identify types of commitment requests.
  • Review ways to connect the commitment request to behavior styles.
  • Identify follow-up actions appropriate to your sales situation.
  • Review techniques for dealing with buyers’ blues.

Course Outline:

This online Obtaining Commitment and Following Up course is made up of the following sections:

  1. The Systematic Selling Process
  2. Developing a Winning Attitude
  3. Building a Staircase of Agreement
  4. Identifying Signals
  5. Asking for Commitment
  6. Following Up
  7. Dealing with Buyers’ Blues
  8. Personal Application

Course Audience:

This Obtaining Commitment and Following Up online training course was designed for sales employees.

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