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Remote Online Learning Tips

Remote Online Learning Tips

Studying and working from home has become the new normal in 2020. If you’re struggling to stay productive and focused at home, why not check out this great article on good practices to consider when remote online learning.

The piece was created by eLearning Inside, who produce a wide range of thoughtful insights on technologies and trends in the remote online learning industry. The article is called ‘Good Practices for Studying Remotely: How to Stay Productive and Avoid Slacking Off’ and it offers some fantastic advice on time management and staying on top of tasks to help keep procrastination at bay. 

eLearning Inside said:

“People struggle with procrastination when they study and work from home. That environment doesn’t exactly encourage hard work, especially when, for most of your life, it was the place you relaxed in after long days at the office. Remote work is also associated with the lack of all the tools that were easily available before. Thankfully, tech companies bend over backward to streamline some of these processes. Services like Zoom, Skype, and Teams are keeping workforces connected. Trello and Todoist keep teams on task.

To find out more about eLearning Inside’s ideas, click the link below to discover more good practices for remote online learning.

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