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Remote eLearning in Action

Remote eLearning in Action

As more and more schools go online, getting remote eLearning right is imperative. That’s why we thought we’d share with you this great article by Jared Newman for Fast Company.

The piece is part of Fast Company‘s ‘Reinventing Education’ package, which features articles sharing school teachers thoughts on restarting and the companies that are actively helping working parents during Covid-19. As millions of students begin school during the pandemic, Fast Company are highlighting the ongoing efforts to keep children safe in the classroom and how to educate them via remote eLearning. Clickhereto read the full series.

Jared sat down with a selection of school teachers to discuss how remote eLearning needs to be a bit more stimulating than typical classroom lessons.  Their tips include:

  • Keep video calls short
  • Simplify the instructions
  • Check in often
  • Let students socialize
  • Teach the tech

Jared Newman said:

“As schools reluctantly return to remote learning this Fall - or implement hybrid models where students spend some of their weekdays at home - they’re scrambling to avoid a repeat of the clumsy Zoom calls, messy curricula and technological glitches that made the Spring so draining. That means they’ll need to learn from teachers who have a strong proponent of technology in the classroom for years before the pandemic began. While there’s no magic solution that can replace in-person instruction - and no one-size-fits-all approach that will work for every student and age group - remote learning overall doesn’t have to be a terrible substitute.”

Click the link below to find out what remote eLearning experts and grade school teachers say are the best ways to make the experience more enjoyable for everybody.

Read the full article here