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OSHA’s Top 10: Working Safely at Heights with Scaffolding

OSHA’s Top 10: Working Safely at Heights with Scaffolding

A fall protection plan is compulsory in any workplace where a person could fall a distance and be injured. Fall protection plans outline the policy and procedures involved in assembling, maintaining, inspecting, using, and dismantling equipment such as scaffolds as well as any fall protection equipment. Fall protection plans must be specific to each site where workers could fall from heights.

OSHA has very specific requirements for scaffolds. Their standard includes provisions on scaffold capacity, scaffold platform construction, use of scaffolds, fall protection, and falling object protection. The standard also includes requirements applicable to specific types of scaffolds and addresses erecting and dismantling scaffolds. Employers are required to train each employee who works on a scaffold on the procedures to control or minimize the hazards.

Safety violations related to scaffolds are on OSHA’s Top 10 list of compliance violations. If OSHA inspected your workplace tomorrow, would you be able to demonstrate that your workers know when scaffolds are required and how to work with and on them safely? Could you prove that they have received training?  We can help!

When your workers have taken Vubiz’ “Fall Prevention and Fall Arrest” course, they will be able to:

  • Recognize different types of fall hazards.
  • Identify fall protection methods and when they should be applied.
  • Recall when scaffolds are the preferred fall prevention method.
  • State when fall arrest systems are required along with scaffolds.

When you purchase access to this and other Vubiz courses, your workers’ learning is automatically recorded in a Learning Management System (LMS), so you can see who has successfully completed the training and when.  Your training records are generated automatically! Courses are also available to be put on your LMS if you have one.


Did you know that OSHA’s Safe and Sound Week is August 12-18, 2019?  OSHA sets this week aside every year for companies to celebrate their safety and health successes. Providing safety training is a great way for your company to participate, and we can help.  If you purchase Hazard Communication for your workers by August 18, we’ll give you 20% off the regular price if you use the coupon code Safe+Sound2019.

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