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NEW Diversity Course Very Popular

01 May 2019

Our new Diversity in the Workplace course is an excellent foundation for managers or supervisors to explore their own beliefs and see the unlimited potential of a diverse workplace.  This new program explores specific tools and techniques to understand the most important aspects of valuing a diverse and inclusive workplace.

Learners will recognize the positive contributions all employees make in achieving the goals of the organization; model and promote values and methods to gain involvement from diverse populations; and develop important processes that support diversity, and methods for soliciting participation from non-traditional contributors.

Social science studies prove that diverse and inclusive workplaces are innovative and high-performing, giving them a competitive edge in the market. Team members who feel included with a strong sense of belonging are more engaged and will work for the company longer, resulting in higher retention rates.

Vubiz President Jim Rapino said this course is current with a changing workforce, “over the last 50 years, there’s been a dramatic shift in the workplace with diverse demographics, languages and experiences - and to achieve success today, it’s essential to cultivate a diverse workforce and integrate inclusive practices.  This course helps you do that.”

The American workforce is ever-changing and The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 2024 workforce will be comprised of older, more racially, culturally and ethnically diverse employees and will include a higher percentage of women.

This innovative Diversity in the Workplace elearning course was developed with Diversity Builder, Inc.  (   Diversity Builder is a nation leader in offering diversity training.  Their goal is to successfully develop a lasting culture of inclusion along with reducing the risk of lawsuits and complying with federal, state, and local harassment prevention laws.

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