Microsoft Word 2007: Level 2

Level 2: 61 Lessons – approximately 6 hours of training level 2 Microsoft Word.
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Level 2: 61 Lessons – approximately 6 hours of training

This intermediate-level Word course builds upon basic skills covered in the Level 1 course. Students will learn how to further enhance documents by adding items such as symbols, AutoText, multilevel lists, hyperlinks, and information found using the Research task pane. Paragraph formatting will also be examined, covering skills such as setting indents; changing line spacing and page orientation; setting tab stops; applying paragraph styles; and using Quick Style sets. Students will also learn about sections and how they affect layout decisions such as margins, breaks, and columns. They will also look at how to insert and modify clip art, graphics, shapes, tables, charts, and Smart Art diagrams, as well as how to save documents as Web pages. Finally, a number of revision tools will be introduced, teaching how to insert and modify comments, track changes, accept or reject changes, compare documents, and use the new Document Inspector.

No final exam or certificate available.
Products specifications
Course Language English
Length Range Over 60 Minutes
Length (Hours) 6.00
Course Features Audio
Module Number(s) 3994EN