Microsoft Access 2007: Level 2

Level 2: 58 Lessons – approximately 6 hours of training of level 2 training on Microsoft Access.
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Level 2: 58 Lessons – approximately 6 hours of training

Strives to broaden and develop the basic database design skills that students already possess. Students will gain a more complete understanding of how to create and use the primary database objects in Microsoft Office Access 2007, including tables, queries, forms, and reports. The course also shows how to work with individual fields to ensure that overall database structure is consistent and correct. In addition, students will learn a variety of techniques designed to make data entry in Access databases faster, easier, and less error-prone. Finally, students will be introduced to a few methods of managing and backing up database file.

No final exam or certificate available.
Products specifications
Course Language English
Length Range Over 60 Minutes
Length (Hours) 2.50
Course Features Audio
Module Number(s) 3986EN