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Introduction to HR and the Generalist Role

HR Generalists are an integral part of the human resources function in an organization.
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This module will provide an overview of the HR Generalist position. To illustrate just some of what an HR Generalist may have to deal with on a daily basis, we will present four case studies that cover a broad range of issues including discipline, recruiting, termination, compensation and benefits, health and safety, training, record keeping, harassment, and leaves of absence... and that's just the beginning! Learning Objectives * Describe how the HR function has evolved from industrial times to the present day * List the variety of roles and functions of HR in an organization * State how HR contributes to the goals of the organization * Identify success factors for HR Generalists Course Outline: * Human Resources and the Generalist Role o The evolution of HR o Employees are changing o Functions of HR o Responsibilities of HR generalists o Keys to success in HR * Case Study 1: Frank and Elena o Frank, a supervisor, wants to fire Elena, who works for him. He says she's incompetent. She says he has it in for her because she's a woman. How will you handle it? * Case Study 2: The Sales Manager o One of the sales manager says, 'One of my sales representatives just quit and I am still having problems with one of the sales assistants who is frustrating me with attendance issues. I have a busy day and need to get a lot done.' What is your role in this situation? * Case Study 3: On the Job: Day 91 o You have completed your first 90 days on the job. Today is Day 91. Let's see what's in store for you. You have just been notified that a new hire – one whom you recruited – will soon be starting work. You need to prepare for the orientation. You research the company's orientation process and realize there isn't one. You remember that the new hire will have questions regarding her benefits because her spouse lost his job and benefits at the same time. You need coffee. When you go to the break room you notice a strange odor. You go back to your work area. How will you respond in your two capacities as management and support? * Case Study 4: Peter and Jane o Peter and Jane, two hourly employees, have been dating on and off for the past year. You were recently approached by an employee who told you that they have broken up and they are being 'really nasty' to each other. Their behavior has started to bother others in their department. How might HR be involved in this situation? * HR 101 o Names and acronyms for key laws, agencies and practices that HR generalists should know. * Essential HR Skills o Advanced Communication Skills o Professionalism o Presentation Skills o Ethics o Utilization of HR Technology o Knowledge of Performance Metrics o Understanding of HR Balanced Scorecard * Essential Resources for HR

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