Human Resources

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Picture of Supervisory Law - California

Supervisory Law - California

The laws governing employment are very complex. The objective of this course is to raise awareness among members at the leadership level so that they are “sensitive” to issues that pose potentially litigious repercussions.
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Picture of Team Problem Solving

Team Problem Solving

This course covers problem solving for team leaders to ensure the best results. Learn the strategies and tips that will get your team the best solution.
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Picture of Time Management

Time Management

This course addresses the nuts and bolts of time management and includes tools for setting goals, keeping logs, and planning your time.
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Picture of Time Management for Employees

Time Management for Employees

You can lower stress, reduce waste, improve balance, enhance productivity, and make time for all the things you should be doing at work and in your personal life.
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Picture of Train-the-Trainer


Train-the-Trainer is a three module series designed to provide managers with the information they need to create and conduct results-oriented training.
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Picture of Un leadership efficace
Picture of Union Free: A Guide for Managers and Supervisors

Union Free: A Guide for Managers and Supervisors

This module is designed to familiarize you with union organizing tactics, positive employee relations, and union do's and don'ts.
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Picture of Vue d'ensemble du 360 Degree Feedback
Picture of Wage and Hour [US]

Wage and Hour [US]

In this course, you will learn about U.S. laws relating to employee pay. We refer to these as 'wage and hour' laws because they cover the wages paid to employees for their hours worked; specifically, the correct amount of wages in exchange for what count as 'working hours' for which the company must pay its employees.
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Picture of Work Process Basics

Work Process Basics

This course will analyze work as a process by identifying the requirements necessary to produce quality work, defining process flow and scope, and looking at inputs and outputs.
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