Health and Safety for Managers and Supervisors in the USA (CCOHS)

Health & Safety for Managers & Supervisors is a course designed to give managers and supervisors an understanding of the components of workplace health and safety.
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Health and Safety for Managers and Supervisors is a computer-based course designed to give managers and supervisors an understanding of the components of workplace safety and health. The course will help you understand occupational safety and health (OSH) principles and your OSH responsibilities, prevent workplace injuries and illnesses, and develop a safety culture in your workplace. The course covers safety principles and risk management, legislation, hazard recognition and control, emergency preparedness, fire prevention, industrial hygiene, ergonomics, workplace inspections, accident investigation, and program development and implementation. An examination is available with this program. Prior technical knowledge of safety and health is not a prerequisite. However, familiarity with workplace processes and practices is helpful.

Learning Objectives:

  • Find applicable OSH regulations.

  • Know your health and safety responsibilities.

  • Determine ways of meeting your OSH responsibilities.

  • Identify hazards and develop safe work practices.

  • Take leadership in developing and implementing OSH programs.

  • Understand consequences of noncompliance.

Course Outline:

  • Introduction (3933EN) – This introductory module stresses the importance of managing health and safety and provides an overview of the program.

  • Module 1: Safety Principles and Risk Management (3934EN) – In this first module, we will review the evolution of management's role in workplace safety, and present a managed approach to safety and health and the prevention of injury and illness.

  • Module 2: Legislation (3935EN) – In the second module, we will explore federal OSHA and state OSH legislation, and the rights and responsibilities of managers and supervisors under this legislation.

  • Module 3: Hazard Recognition and Control (3936EN) – In this module, we will review the three-step process for managing hazards. We will discuss the recognition, assessment and control of those hazards that we can determine while inspecting the workplace. Our discussion of hazard recognition will include risk mapping and establishing hazard priorities. We will examine strategies for controlling hazards in order to eliminate or minimize the chances of accident, injury and harmful exposures.

  • Module 4: Emergency Preparedness and Fire Prevention (3937EN) – Emergencies, accidents and injuries can happen when we least expect them. Being prepared for emergencies is part of the overall organizational responsibility of management. In this module, we will look at strategies for preparing for, and dealing with, emergencies in the workplace. The second part of the module surveys the basics of fire protection and fire emergency preparedness.

  • Module 5: Industrial Hygiene (3938EN) – In this module, we will examine industrial hygiene, which deals with the hazardous substances and exposures that can occur in the workplace. Industrial hygiene is concerned with chemicals, biological agents, and physical agents such as noise and radiation. We will discuss the related health risks, and see how these exposures can be eliminated and/or reduced.

  • Module 6: Ergonomics (3939EN) – Ergonomics is the science of fitting the job to the worker. Ergonomic principles are used to design equipment and procedures that match the demands of the job to the worker’s capabilities. By improving ergonomics at your workplace, you will also improve health, safety, comfort, and efficiency. This module will explore the basic principles of ergonomics and help you take steps to identify risk factors and address ergonomic problems related to materials handling, workstation design, computer use and hand tool use.

  • Module 7: Workplace Inspections and Accident Investigation (3940EN) – Workplace inspections and accident investigations aren't just a good idea – they are required by law. The purpose of regular inspections is to identify hazards and take corrective action before they cause injury, illness, or property damage. If an accident or incident (near miss) does happen, an effective investigation identifies measures that can be taken to prevent a recurrence of similar events. This module will give you the skills to achieve positive results from negative occurrences such as accidents, incidents and hazardous conditions.

  • Module 8: Program Development and Implementation (3941EN) – An occupational safety and health program is a definite plan of action to prevent accidents, injury and occupational diseases. This is achieved by integrating safety and health in the design of all work practices, processes and procedures. This module will provide you with the information you need to develop an effective safety and health program.

  • Exam – Health and Safety for Managers and Supervisors in the USA (3942EN)


Target Audience:

Managers and Supervisors

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Course Language English
Length Range Over 60 Minutes
Length (Hours) 9.00
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