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Picture of Advances in Business and Financial Reporting - Revised for 2016

Advances in Business and Financial Reporting - Revised for 2016

In this multi-level course, you are introduced to the basics of XBRL, its use around the world, various issues encountered in implementation, the benefits of adoption, and a glimpse at what the future may hold.
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Picture of Auditing Series

Auditing Series

The goal of this four-module e-learning program is to teach you about the fundamentals of auditing. To help meet that goal, the courses in this program contain activities to confirm you clearly understand material discussed previously in the module, ask you to reflect on a situation or issue and respond to it based on your personal experience and knowledge and simulate audit activities using the resources provided.
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Picture of Banca, Crédito y Dinero (Banking, Credit and Money)

Banca, Crédito y Dinero (Banking, Credit and Money)

Los seis módulos de este programa de e-learning le ayudará a comprender los aspectos básicos de la banca, el crédito y el dinero.
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Picture of Banking, Credit and Money (6 modules)

Banking, Credit and Money (6 modules)

The six modules in this elearning program will help you understand the basics of banking, credit and money.
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Picture of Basic Business Finance (2 modules)

Basic Business Finance (2 modules)

The courses in the Basic Finance curriculum offer the fundamentals of corporate finance.
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Picture of Basics of Budgeting

Basics of Budgeting

In this course, we introduce you to the fundamentals of budgeting. This courses addresses how changes in management techniques, the business environment, economies, and technology are reflected in the changes in budgeting, and how the basics of budgeting are important to any business, large or small.
From $34.50
Picture of Comment former une clientèle rentable
Picture of Comprendre les états financiers
Picture of How to Build a Profitable Customer Base

How to Build a Profitable Customer Base

An area of increasing interest is the role strategic financial managers can play in building customer profitability.
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Picture of Information Systems Auditing

Information Systems Auditing

This module will provide internal auditors with the tools needed to understand the basics of processing systems and the control issues surrounding them.
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Picture of Internal Auditing Working Papers

Internal Auditing Working Papers

Audit workpapers are critical in documenting evidence that supports the auditor's objectives, procedures, findings and recommendations.
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Picture of Interpretando los Estados Financieros (Interpreting Financial Statements)

Interpretando los Estados Financieros (Interpreting Financial Statements)

Darle seguimiento a las finanzas es una parte importante del éxito de los pequeños negocios. Muchos dueños de negocios cometen el error de mirar solamente las ventas y los beneficios. De hecho, estos son importantes, pero no le cuentan la historia completa del negocio. En este programa de entrenamiento-E de cuatro partes, le enseñaremos como usar los estados financieros para entender y manejar las financias de su negocio.
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Picture of Interpreting Financial Statements

Interpreting Financial Statements

This four-part program provides clear and concise guidelines that will help business owners use financial statements to track, understand and manage their business finances.
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Picture of Introduction to Financial Statements

Introduction to Financial Statements

The Introduction to Financial Statements Series builds an intuition for the purpose of the balance sheet, the income statement and the cash flow statement.
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Picture of Investing 101

Investing 101

This module will help you understand the wild and crazy world of the stock market. We will look at the basics of stocks and the stock market, as well as some techniques for researching and analyzing stock.
From $24.50