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Picture of Combating Human Trafficking

Combating Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is a global issue and needs to be a concern for businesses and organizations. Increasingly, businesses are being asked by governments, customers and the public to take steps to combat human trafficking.
From $14.62
Picture of Compliance for Canadian Business

Compliance for Canadian Business

If you own a business in Canada, you must comply with all applicable federal and provincial/territorial tax requirements. These moduls will provide you with an overview of the things that you need to give consideration.
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Picture of Conflicts of Interest

Conflicts of Interest

This Course explains a model conflicts-of-interest policy that is a synthesis of more than a dozen such policies in use by major companies today.
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Picture of Contract Law Basics

Contract Law Basics

This Course provides an overview of contract law — what makes a contract valid and enforceable, what remedies are available in the event of a breach, and what employees should look for in their real-world dealings with business contracts.
From $10.12
Picture of Copyright Law Basics

Copyright Law Basics

The purpose of this Course is to give employees a general understanding of copyright law — what qualifies for copyright protection, what they can do to help protect the company's copyrighted assets, and how they can avoid the unauthorized use.
From $10.12
Picture of Corporate Compliance Primer

Corporate Compliance Primer

This Course will give you an overview of the field of 'corporate compliance' — its brief history, the basic workings of the Organizational Sentencing Guidelines, the components of an effective compliance Course, and related issues.
From $10.12
Picture of Corporate Political Activity

Corporate Political Activity

After a brief summary of the sources of the applicable law, this Course discusses what activities are allowed and prohibited by both companies and employees. <
From $10.12
Picture of Corruption of Foreign Public Officials Act [Canada]

Corruption of Foreign Public Officials Act [Canada]

The Corruption of Foreign Officials Act is Canadian legislation designed to prevent the bribery of foreign officials.
From $25.88
Picture of Cours abrégé sur la protection des renseignements personnels [Canada]
Picture of Crisis Management and Emergency Response Planning

Crisis Management and Emergency Response Planning

This course is intended to help you recognize and deal with crises that can occur that affect companies and their employees.
From $18.38
Picture of Diversity in the Workplace

Diversity in the Workplace

This course provides an excellent base for the manager to learn about his or her own beliefs and to see the potential of a diverse workplace.
From $18.38
Picture of DOT Drug Screen Collection

DOT Drug Screen Collection

This program is intended to familiarize you with the U.S. Department of Transportation's (DOT) regulations concerning its standards and training requirements for drug screen collection.
From $10.12
Picture of Drug Free Workplace

Drug Free Workplace

This program contains our clear and unequivocal Drug-Free Workplace Policy for maintaining a workplace free of illegal drugs and alcohol.
From $10.12
Picture of E-Mail and Internet Use

E-Mail and Internet Use

This Course sets forth and explains a model acceptable-use policy that is a synthesis of more than a dozen such policies in use by major companies today.
From $10.12
Picture of Employees [Australia] - Harassment Prevention

Employees [Australia] - Harassment Prevention

This course is designed to inform employees of in Australia their obligations and their critical role in ensuring a harassment-free workplace.
From $13.12

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