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eLearning Content Improvement

eLearning Content Improvement

If you’re looking to take your eLearning content to the next level, creating engaging and interesting courses is very important. That’s why we thought we’d share with you this great article by Andrew Barry on ‘How to Make Your eLearning Content Interesting: The Importance of Scripting and Storyboarding’.

With the current global pandemic, eLearning content has never been more necessary and in-demand. Due to the increase in home learning, this has also seen the market flooded with a lot of generic, sometimes substandard courses that don’t engage or educate the user. Taking the time to create innovative eLearning is imperative to ensure the information is being absorbed and understood.

Andrew’s article looks at the different ways you can elevate your eLearning content to increase user engagement. There are a wide variety of methods and suggestions on offer, including:

  • Practice in new contexts
  • Crafting a narrative flow
  • Applying cognitive theory
  • Best video practices

Andrew said:

“I believe that the best educators are storytellers because they imbue learning with imagination; teaching us to visualize and think about things instead of simply presenting us with information. Storytelling helps educators demonstrate ideas creatively, and it offers a handle to learners in understanding concepts. Storytelling is knowing that everything from your first to your last sentence is leading to a singular goal, in this case, the learning objective.”

Click the link below to read the full article on the eLearning Industry website to discover the importance of scripting and storyboarding your courses and content today.

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