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New Online Diversity Training and Cultural Competency Program for Law Enforcement

27 Apr 2021

Vubiz Inc. and Diversity Builder, Inc. Release Groundbreaking New Program for Law Enforcement: Introducing the Online Diversity Training and Cultural Competency Program for Law Enforcement 

This innovative new program promotes strategies and skills to improve community relationships and engagement – resulting in more positive perceptions of policing.

Vubiz Inc and Diversity Builder, Inc. are proud to announce the development of their groundbreaking online program entitled, Diversity and Cultural Competency for Law Enforcement. The interactive and engaging online program is a first. It’s specifically tailored to enhance law enforcement’s knowledge of cultural competency while also building inclusive communication skills in order to better connect with the communities they serve.

Following the intense race-related events of the summer of 2020, Diversity Builder received dozens of requests for police cultural competency and diversity training. Current events exasperated the need for such training. Owner Rachel Stanton said police academies and police chiefs asked for online solutions due to budgetary, covid and logistical reasons. Diversity Builder consulted with police departments including Hartford Police Department to develop effective, pertinent content. Stanton said one topic the team requested was confirmation bias. The new course explores how recognizing and addressing bias and making the effort to become culturally aware can foster trust and confidence among the communities law enforcement protects and serves. Diversity Builder turned to their elearning partner Vubiz, to create a dynamic, interactive and engaging online course that police departments anywhere can use. 

“At Diversity Builder, we are passionate about working with police departments interested in diversity training and intentionally inclusive practices.” said Rachel Stanton, CEO at Diversity Builder, Inc. “We find it is some of the most impactful work we do. Our trainers have wanted to develop an online law enforcement class and the timing aligned perfectly.”

Participants in the course learn how perceptions based on biases involving an individual’s race, religion, level of ability, gender, orientation, ethnicity, immigration status or other characteristic can influence officer conduct and the behavior of suspects, witnesses or others during a law enforcement encounter. Techniques and tools presented within the course support de-escalation and conflict resolution in volatile situations, allowing for the understanding of diverse perspectives while keeping the peace. 

“Key topics within the course include the science of bias and how to mitigate it, cultural competency strategies to build trust within diverse communities, microaggressions, impacts of profiling, and building an inclusive police and sheriff department culture.” adds Stanton.

The course “Diversity and Cultural Competency Training for Law Enforcement.” includes numerous interactive features, video scenarios, video narration, questions and answers, fill-in-the-blank segments, quizzes, and a final test for understanding, and certificate of completion.

For more information please visit Diversity Builder (615) 823-1717 or visit Vubiz.

About Diversity Builder, Inc. 
Founded in 2003 Diversity Builder, Inc., is a national diversity, equity, and inclusion workplace training and consulting leader supporting organizations in making positive change using an immersive and engaging action-oriented approach. Diversity Builder helps organizations build inclusive cultures through self-paced online, virtual, and instructor-led training and consulting where employees thrive and do their best work. In addition to law enforcement training, specialty areas include gender identity and expression, racial diversity, generational workplace collaboration, leading diverse teams, resolving unconscious bias, LGBTQI+, intersectionality, allyship, and bystander intervention. Diversity Builder is a diverse supplier. The firm is women-owned, LGBTQI-owned and is an SBA small business. 

About Vubiz 
Vubiz is an award-winning, leading eLearning provider offering unbeatable pricing, quality content and outstanding customer service. Vubiz has an impressive and diverse library of online courses in topics such as anti-racism and preventing harassment as well as business skills and safety and compliance. Vubiz can brand or customize content to meet client's needs and can develop any type of new custom content with a highly qualified team of instructional designers and multimedia staff. Vubiz courses are very user-friendly and incorporate the latest vertical scroll technology. Visit Vubiz for more information.