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Customer Service, Marketing & Sales

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New Business Development: Cold Calling

New business development is critical for the ongoing success of any business. Contacting prospective new customers ('prospects') on the phone is one of the most powerful ways to maintain this new business stream.
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Online Customer Support

Learn how to provide excellent customer support through live chat, text messaging and email.
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PCR-3: Professional Customer Relations Soft Skills Series: Customer Service Skills

Achieve success in your career by building professional communication skills through active listening, telephone skills and by knowing what strategies to use when dealing with difficult situations.
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Principes fondamentaux du marketing

Nous développerons un modèle de définition du marketing. Nous illustrerons que le marketing est simplement un processus, ou un ensemble d’activités dont le but est d’offrir des biens et services aux individus.
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Picture of Providing Service Excellence

Providing Service Excellence

The secret is really good service is to treat your customer the way you would want to be treated. So, why is it so hard to find in today's world of business? In our new economy, with all the technological tools in our hands, customer service should be easy to deliver.
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Quality of Work

This lesson demonstrates new ways to raise the bar for yourself, thus displaying your commitment to providing quality service and doing more for your employer and your customers.
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Quality Service Definition

In this session you will learn the importance, the principles, the culture, and the benefits of quality service.
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Sales Is Just Great Service! (for Financial Services)

This six-part program is designed to show the employees of financial institutions how they can promote the success of their institution by expanding its existing relationships with customers.
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Picture of Sales Skills - Basic

Sales Skills - Basic

Learn and develop professional selling skills to help grow your prospect base and improve your sales success ratio.
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Picture of Sales:  The Basics

Sales: The Basics

This course will provide you with practical tips on identifying the features and benefits of your product and service, a competitive analysis, preparing sales presentation, dealing with customers, handling objections, and using customer feedback to improve your performance.
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Picture of Sales: Closing

Sales: Closing

This course examines the issues related to preparing and setting the stage for a commitment to buy, looks at some of the reasons why this is such a tough step for many aspiring sales professionals, and gives techniques and methods for making sure it happens.
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Picture of Sales: Cold Calls

Sales: Cold Calls

This course describes both the technical and the psychological techniques and methods to help you overcome an apprehension and conduct a sales call that gets results.
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Picture of Sales: Qualifying Prospects

Sales: Qualifying Prospects

This course introduces techniques and methods for making sure that you are following sound principles as you qualify prospects and determine where to invest your time for the best potential payoff.
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Picture of Sales: Team Effectiveness

Sales: Team Effectiveness

In this course, a sales force leader will learn how to get a sales team organized, motivated, and focused on results.
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Picture of Sales: Telephone Skills

Sales: Telephone Skills

This course identifies the specific selling techniques and strategies that sales people need to be effective over the phone.
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