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*Complete Kidz Bundle

This bundle includes 76 English and 5 French courses!
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This bundle includes the full set of 80 courses which includes 75 English titles and 5 French. Here is the full list of titles included in the bundle:

  • Worried About the Coronavirus?
  • The Little Piggy Bank (M is for Money)
  • La Petite Tirelire (M is for Money)
  • The Little Lemonade Stand (M is for Money)
  • The Little Trip to the Bank (M is for Money)
  • The Little Wallet Named Pouch (M is for Money)
  • A Little Loan for Benji (M is for Money)
  • Counting Comes First (M is for Money)
  • Under the Couch (M is for Money)
  • The Payback (M is for Money)
  • Giving is Great (M is for Money)
  • A Safe Place for Our Money
  • Allowances
  • Alors tu veux démarrer une entreprise!
  • American Political System
  • An Alien's Guide to Canadian Politics
  • Be a Weather Wizard
  • Before You Start Playing Hockey
  • Budget Basics
  • Buying vs Renting
  • Care for Your Cat
  • Care for Your Dog
  • Comment se faire payer
  • Coping with Anxiety
  • Crowdfunding
  • Crowdfunding 201
  • Cyberbullying
  • Different Ways of Measuring
  • Education Savings
  • Electrical Safety
  • Everyday Measuring – Designing and Building
  • Finishing a Fundraiser
  • Fire Safety Basics
  • Fractions and Food
  • Germ Busters
  • Getting Paid
  • Go Ahead! Play With Your Food
  • Hosting Fundraising Events
  • How Much Does it Cost?
  • How to Play Soccer
  • Identifying a Cause and a Fundraising Goal
  • Identity Theft
  • Investing
  • It All Adds Up
  • Keep It Cool: Homework and Tests
  • Keep It Cool: In an Emergency
  • Keep It Cool: In Sports
  • Make a Flyer
  • On Your Own?
  • Organizing Fundraising Events
  • Peer Pressure
  • Physically Fit!
  • Pick a Pet
  • Plan to Succeed
  • Planifier pour réussir (vuKidz)
  • Planning a Fundraiser
  • Promoting Fundraising Events
  • Ready to Play Hockey
  • Recognizing Depression
  • Save Your Energy!
  • Service with a Smile
  • SMART Goals for Kids
  • Smart Online Shopping
  • Smart Online Shopping
  • So You Want to Start a Business!
  • Social Media Marketing (vuKidz)
  • Staying Safe on Two Wheels
  • Staying Safe Online: Messaging, Posting and Sharing
  • Teamwork
  • Temperature
  • Thinking Through a Purchase
  • Tout s’explique
  • Travel Health and Safety
  • Virtues for a Happy Life
  • What is Currency?
  • What is Phishing?
  • What? In the World – The Continents
  • Where in Canada?
  • Where in the United States?
  • Where? In the World? - Countries
  • Where’s the Money?
  • Your First Email
  • Your First Resume


Target Audience:

Children under the age of 12.



18.5 hours



Video, mobile

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Course Language English
Course Language English
Length Range Over 60 Minutes
Length (Hours) 18.5
Course Features Mobile
Module Number(s) 40901EN 40102EN 40102FR 40109EN 8971EN 40103EN 40108EN 40107EN 40104EN 40105EN 40106EN 40169EN 40541EN 8787FR 40771EN 40673EN 40540EN 8788EN 8877EN 40634EN 40167EN 40166EN 40039FR 40543EN 40206EN 40542EN 40308EN 40770EN 40678EN 40168EN 40675EN 40461EN 18719EN 40787EN 18717EN 40039EN 8879EN 40459EN 40304EN 8852EN 40385EN 40204EN 40612EN 8916EN 40164EN 18720EN 18718EN 40205EN 8739EN 40387EN 40786EN 40539EN 8786EN 8917EN 8917FR 40386EN 40460EN 8797EN 40202EN 40165EN 40171EN 8878EN 40639EN 8787EN 40170EN 8864EN 40203EN 40207EN 40785EN 40514EN 8916FR 40788EN 40200EN 40201EN 40303EN 8865EN 40162EN 40163EN 8838EN 40772EN 8891EN 40305EN
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