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California and Federal Wage and Hour Laws

Learn the facts about wage and hour laws
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Wage and Hour is a broad category of laws and regulations which govern wages, hours and working conditions for employees. This module covers many of the common areas of confusion in these issues. As always, there are federal laws to consider and California law to consider. Generally, employers in California follow state law, as the California law tends to be more stringent than the federal law. Learning Objectives: • Determine whether a position is exempt or non-exempt • Discuss how employers may employ children at various ages with restrictions on the kind of work they can perform and the number of hours they can work • Recognize current minimum wage and all the areas that are affected by minimum wage • Identify restrictions on the amount of hours an employer can have an employee work • Perform overtime calculations taking into account the various elements necessary to calculate overtime correctly • Discuss recordkeeping guidelines and what to keep in mind Course Outline: • Employment at will o Definition o Statutory exceptions – employment discrimination law o Common law exceptions o Practical implications o Case study • Progressive discipline o What is it? o Creating practical policies o Establishing and communicating performance standards o Establishing and communicating standards of conduct o Writing effective job descriptions o Disciplinary policies FAQs • Performance management o The supervisor's role in the disciplinary process o Performance reviews o The role of HR o How to conduct performance reviews • Effective discipline o How to discipline effectively for poor performance o How to discipline effectively for misconduct o How to investigate misconduct o Case study • Effective termination o Termination policies o Termination considerations o Documentation o Severance o How to conduct a termination o Exit interviews o Case Study • Layoffs o Federal and state Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification (WARN) laws o Questions to ask o How do you decide who will be laid off o Benefits o Timing
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