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Thème de la communication Online Training Course

Thème de la communication

From $49.50
Time Management Online Training Course

Time Management

This Time Management online training course is designed for anyone wishing to manage their time more efficiently. This course addresses the nuts and bolts of time management and includes tools for setting goals, keeping logs, and planning your time. It includes methods for identifying low pay-off activities and timewasters, along with suggestions for getting rid of them.
Trabajar desde casa de manera efectiva Online Training Course

Trabajar desde casa de manera efectiva

La COVID-19 está cambiando la forma en que vivimos y trabajamos. De repente, muchos de nosotros estamos trabajando desde casa e intentando hacerlo de manera efectiva en medio del caos de las cuarentenas, el autoaislamiento, los cierres de las escuelas y las noticias constantes.
Understanding Customer Interaction Online Training Course

Understanding Customer Interaction

This Understanding Customer Interaction online training course will help you be prepared to handle just about any customer service situation you encounter and how to put your customers at ease by providing exceptional service. This course explores the concepts of service points and flash points and the learning model of conscious competence.
From $9.50
Understanding Financial Statements Online Training Course

Understanding Financial Statements

This Understanding Financial Statements online training course is designed for all employees. It introduces information about the fundamentals of reading and understanding financial statements. It shows how various work activities can and do affect the financial health of an organization, and introduces concepts, examples, and knowledge that non-financially oriented decision makers should know.
From $19.50
Using Leadership Basics Online Training Course

Using Leadership Basics

This Using Leadership Basics online training course will provide the fundamental skills for leading a group: defining the task, establishing a vision, gaining commitment, and building relationships. This course guides you on how and when to use various leadership styles and gives smart techniques to help leaders direct the efforts of others.
From $19.50
Vendre votre idée Online Training Course

Vendre votre idée

Ce cours comprend des outils et des techniques pour vous aider à déterminer ce que l’auditoire souhaite et a besoin, des méthodes pour évaluer leurs besoins, ainsi qu'une structure pour organiser et présenter un bon discours.
From $19.50
Vision of Leadership online training course

Vision of Leadership

In this Vision of Leadership online training course, we will examine the process of developing and implementing a vision. An effective leader sees the whole picture and can articulate a broad perspective to others in order to create a common purpose that mobilizes people and coordinates their efforts. This course will help you develop and communicate your vision, deal with change as it happens, and make decisions.
From $19.50
Working from Home Effectively Online Training Course

Working from Home Effectively

This Working from Home Effectively online training course is designed for all remote workers and addresses the challenges and advantages of working remotely and offers tools to make it most effective. Many of us are working from home and trying to do it effectively, and this course offers tools to enhance productivity.
Writing Effective Emails Online Training Course

Writing Effective Emails

This Writing Effective Emails online training course is designed for employees and employers in any industry. A properly formatted and well-written email will ensure what you write is easily understood and will reflect favorably on you and your company. This course will outline the advantages and challenges of email, correct grammar and formatting and the importance of the active voice in emails.
From $24.50