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Picture of The Fundamentals of Ownership Thinking

The Fundamentals of Ownership Thinking

The Fundamentals of Ownership Thinking module will explain the importance of ending cultures of workplace 'entitlement' while taking the learner through the exciting and revolutionary Ownership Thinking methodology.
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The Global Village (Student Version)

This module was developed to introduce students to the important role of international business. Topics include how trade is conducted, social, political and technological trends that affect trade, why countries trade, why companies trade, and how small and medium-sized business compete in the international market.
From $14.50

The Language of Positive Communication

This lesson shows how positive communication will help you feel better about yourself and make your interactions with colleagues and customers beneficial for all!
From $9.50

The Marketing Mix

The Marketing Mix consists of creating the right balance of product, place or distribution, promotion, and pricing that will end up producing a satisfactory result. We will examine these main processes that make up marketing activity.
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Picture of The Value of Brands

The Value of Brands

This course covers the many factors that contribute to the establishment of a brand. It explores the successful connections between business and consumer that a brand is able to enforce.
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Picture of Time Management

Time Management

This course addresses the nuts and bolts of time management and includes tools for setting goals, keeping logs, and planning your time.
Picture of Time Management - Strategies for Sales Success

Time Management - Strategies for Sales Success

Do you feel there’s never enough time to do the things you want to – and have to – do? If so, you’re not alone, but this time crunch is avoidable. Effective time management can help you lower stress, reduce waste, improve balance, enhance productivity, and make time for all the things you should be doing at work and in your personal life. This self-evaluation course will guide you through a series of exercises designed to help you define a plan to manage your time and energy more effectively.

The exercises in the course are in PDF format. Save the PDFs in a folder on your desktop and print them out in order to complete each exercise by hand.
From $24.50

Tourism Excellence Certificate

This program provides tourism and hospitality facilities with a proven approach to strengthening business, reaching business goals and achieving business recognition.
From $14.50

Trabajar desde casa de manera efectiva

La COVID-19 está cambiando la forma en que vivimos y trabajamos. De repente, muchos de nosotros estamos trabajando desde casa e intentando hacerlo de manera efectiva en medio del caos de las cuarentenas, el autoaislamiento, los cierres de las escuelas y las noticias constantes.

Understanding Customer Interaction

Understanding Customer Interaction will help you be prepared to handle just about any customer service situation you encounter. You will also learn how to put your customers at ease by providing exceptional service.
From $9.50
Picture of Understanding Financial Statements

Understanding Financial Statements

This module presents information about the fundamentals of reading and understanding financial statements. It shows how various work activities can and do affect the financial health of an organization, and introduces concepts, examples and knowledge that non-financially oriented decision makers should know.
From $19.50

Using Leadership Basics

The Strategies and Tips in this module teach you how to foster innovation, provide appropriate direction, and develop and maintain positive relationships.
From $19.50
Picture of Vendre votre idée

Vendre votre idée

Ce cours comprend des outils et des techniques pour vous aider à déterminer ce que l’auditoire souhaite et a besoin, des méthodes pour évaluer leurs besoins, ainsi qu'une structure pour organiser et présenter un bon discours.
From $19.50
Picture of Vente par démarchage téléphonique