2019, April

What Is Quid Pro Quo Sexual Harassment?
Human interactions in the workplace can be complex and sometimes the lines between what is ok and what isn’t can blur. Quid pro quo sexual harassment can occur when a job benefit is offered like a subtle bribe; a pay raise for a dinner date, for example.
What is Hostile Work Environment?
Certain types of sexual harassment can create a hostile work environment. But what constitutes a hostile work environment, and are you part of one without knowing?
Types of Workplace Harassment (and How to Prevent Them)
There are many types of workplace harassment and so many interpretations, that even the most diligent manager could miss the warning signs. Though sometimes difficult to spot, discrimination in the workplace needs to be dealt with as soon as it become clear.
Sexual Harassment Policy: How to Fire Someone
A violation of your sexual harassment policy is an extremely serious issue. If an employee is accused of sexual harassment in the workplace, the company needs to ensure they follow the correct legal procedure in dealing with the situation.
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