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Community Banker Marketing and Sales

Acquire the knowledge and skills you need to effectively engage in marketing and sales initiatives at your bank.
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some marketing basics, how to identify opportunities, how marketing intersects with customer service and how to use social media to market products. Area 2 offers a systematic approach to the sales process. Area 3 examines sales in terms of customer relationships. Area 4 takes an in-depth look at customer service. The program includes a final exam.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify marketing opportunities
  • Use social media to market products and services
  • Apply professional selling techniques to sales opportunities
  • Promote sales by expanding existing relationships with customers
  • Increase sales by improving customer service

Course Outline:

Introduction (7984EN) – This module is an introduction to the Community Banker Marketing and Sales Certificate Program.

Area 1: Marketing

  • Marketing Basics (0248EN)
  • Marketing Opportunities (0249EN)
  • The Marketing Mix (0308EN)
  • Marketing and Customer Service (0307EN)
  • Social Media Marketing (4661EN)

Area 2: Systematic Selling

  • Module 1 Getting the Appointment (0601EN)
  • Module 2 Planning the Call (0602EN)
  • Module 3 Establishing Rapport (0603EN)
  • Module 4 Identifying Objectives (0604EN)
  • Module 5 Making a Recommendation (0721EN)
  • Module 6 Handling Obstacles (0722EN)
  • Module 7 Gaining Commitment and Following Up (0723EN)

Area 3: Sales and Customer Relationships

  • Expanding Customer Services (0808EN)
  • We Have What They Need (0809EN)
  • A Minute Can Matter (0810EN)
  • Focus on Customer Needs (0811EN)
  • Meeting Customer Needs with Teamwork (0812EN)
  • Exceeding Customer Expectations (0813EN)

Area 4 Customer Service

  • Providing Service Excellence (9715EN)
  • Creating Valuable Customer Relationships (9716EN)
  • Telephone Skills (9717EN)
  • Creating Winning First Impressions (9718EN)
  • Helping and Keeping Clients (9719EN)
  • Diffusing Tense Situations (9720EN)
  • Body Language On and Off the Phone (9721EN)
  • Practice Active Listening (9722EN)
  • Providing Quality Service (9723EN)
  • Communication Styles (9724EN)
  • Essential Multicultural Communication (9725EN)
  • Introduction to the Sales Process (9726EN)

Community Banker Marketing and Sales Certificate Exam (7980EN)

Target Audience:

Community bank managers, management track employees, sales and marketing staff

Products specifications
Course Language English
Length Range Over 60 Minutes
Length (Hours) 20.00
Module Number(s) 8190EN