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Card Security Breaches

Payment card security breaches have increased at an exponential rate in recent years. Deservedly or not, banks can find themselves the first point contact with customers when a security breach occurs. In this course we look at card security breaches and discuss how you can prepare your bank in the event of a breach.
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ncreasingly, major retailers, payment card processors and other third parties are targets of sophisticated cyber-criminals seeking payment card information to perpetrate fraud. With the increased threat to payment cards - debit, credit, prepaid and hybrid - community banks need to stay vigilant to mitigate loss, minimize impact to customers and combat the ever-growing problem of data compromises or breaches.

This course includes an examination.


Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the current state of data security threats
  • Implement policies and procedures to reduce card fraud at your bank
  • Implement customer education programs to reduce bank customer exposure to card breaches and fraud
  • Respond appropriately to card security breaches

Course Outline:

  •   Overview

o   Defining a card security breach

o   Data security threats

o   Types of fraud

o   Card data

  • Reducing Card Fraud

o   Proper acceptance procedures

o   Verification and identification

o   Suspicious behavior

  • Response

o   Compromised cards

o   Customer inquiries

o   Customer education

o   Identity theft concerns

  • Media



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