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California and Federal Terminations and Layoffs

Learn how to protect the company with good termination and layoff practices
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This module will discuss various aspects of terminating employees. We will focus on using a proactive approach rather than a more costly reactive approach that usually requires the assistance of an attorney. The reactive approach results in poor decisions and ill-advised HR practices. The consequences are always costly and include claims, litigation and damage to the company's reputation. Good HR practices are proactive. This approach results in well-thought-out decisions that protect the company and support its goals. Learning Objectives: • Discuss how at-will employment affects the discipline and termination process • Describe how to discipline an employee effectively for misconduct or performance problems • Identify the various ways in which companies lay the foundation for a termination or a layoff • Describe the role performance reviews can play in a termination situation Outline the analysis that a company should go through when deciding how to handle performance/misconduct/termination issues Course Outline: • Employment at will o Definition o Statutory exceptions – employment discrimination law o Common law exceptions o Practical implications o Case study • Progressive discipline o What is it? o Creating practical policies o Establishing and communicating performance standards o Establishing and communicating standards of conduct o Writing effective job descriptions o Disciplinary policies FAQs • Performance management o The supervisor's role in the disciplinary process o Performance reviews o The role of HR o How to conduct performance reviews • Effective discipline o How to discipline effectively for poor performance o How to discipline effectively for misconduct o How to investigate misconduct o Case study • Effective termination o Termination policies o Termination considerations o Documentation o Severance o How to conduct a termination o Exit interviews o Case Study • Layoffs o Federal and state Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification (WARN) laws o Questions to ask o How do you decide who will be laid off o Benefits o Timing
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