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Advances in Business and Financial Reporting - Revised for 2016

In this multi-level course, you are introduced to the basics of XBRL, its use around the world, various issues encountered in implementation, the benefits of adoption, and a glimpse at what the future may hold.
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Key drivers of significant advances in business and financial reporting are standardization of report preparation and application of global accounting standards. Canada was a leader in the introduction of standardized reporting in 1998 when Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) introduced the General Index for Financial Information (GIFI), and when it developed its first XBRL taxonomy in 2003. Much has happened throughout the world since then, but not so much in Canada, until now.

The SEC in the US enables investors, large and small, to download, analyze and review financial information from public companies as soon as it has been filed. Every UK business is now required to use the same underlying approach to report its financial results for tax purposes. Governments in the Netherlands, Australia, and many other countries use this approach to reduce the regulatory burden for business in their countries.

The slow rate of progress in Canada is just about to change.

In late October, 2015, a new Canadian government came into power and one of the key elements in the new government's platform was transparency in government, including a call that 'all government data and information is made open by default in machine-readable, digital formats.'

In this multi-level course, you are introduced to SBR and the XBRL reporting standard, its use around the world, various issues and challenges encountered in implementation, and the lessons learned by countries around the world. Text, audio, video, and a visual knowledgebase are used to present the course information, structured in such a way that you only need access the level of detail that you want. There are three levels of tests for this course. You may take all three tests if you desire, or select the level that best suits your needs. A certificate of completion is available with successful completion of each test.
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