Volume 10 - Issue 4
July 2012

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Vubiz launches premier Online Cloud Computing Course

The word 'Cloud' no longer only refers to white puffy formations in the sky. Technology has transformed the word 'cloud' into today’s hottest buzzword.

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Beyond Compliance

Online training can go far beyond compliance training. Today’s organizations are looking for courses that provide them with the information they need to ensure policies and procedures are compliant with the latest regulations; however they are also looking for training that helps them better serve their customers and be active, responsible members of the communities they do business in.

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Buy it or Build it? A guide for elearning

An article by elearning expert Jane Bozarth discusses what to consider when you are deciding whether you should build elearning or buy it off the shelf. She’s developed a useful flowchart taking into consideration number of users, proprietary information, etc. and gives options to “renovate” off the shelf content as well.

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CSHM Exam Prep Course Now Online

Vubiz Elearning recently launched the popular Certified Safety and Health Manager (CSHM) Exam preparation course. Robert Trinkleback, M.Sc., CSHM, CSP, CPEA, created a highly successful Exam Preparation Workshop with the specific goal of training candidates to pass the CSHM Exam.

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Another Vubiz program approved for University credit

Vubiz is pleased to announce that another one of its programs have received accreditation from a popular university.

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New Courses

Vubiz is excited about our new courses!

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