Volume 7 - Issue 3
Fall 2011


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KMSI Announces the Results of the 2011 Learning & Talent Management Technology Survey

Vubiz strategic partner KMSI, a leading provider of innovative learning, performance and talent management solutions, recently delivered the results of the 2011 Learning & Talent Management Technology Survey.

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Maximizing Your Training and Professional Development Return on Investment

By Susan Smith Nash,  PHD  

How do you value training when your core business is, in essence, built on and around new products and services that involve ongoing training?
It requires an entirely new way of looking at education in the organization. Training and education used to be the first budget items to be cut in an organization’s budget, particularly among companies that tended to look at education and training as a reward, perk, or worse, a junket. However, the old notions are moving aside as the pace of technological advancement accelerates and training / education become an integral component of the products and services that an enterprise or an individual offers.

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Employers Group announces New Online Human Resources Generalist and Professional Program.

Employer’s Group is an important strategic partner of Vubiz in California.  Employers Group is launching a new online California Human Resources Generalist Certification Program which is in a completely revised format for 2012. 

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Collaboration is the name of the game

Vubiz is proud to report that it and the Canadian Association of Accredited Mortgage Professionals have together elevated learning for mortgage professionals in Canada. Working collaboratively, we have launched a new Mortgage Campus that offers professional designation courses, continuing education credit modules, licensing education and practical broker content. Integrating CAAMPs CRM system with Vubiz’s LMS has resulted in a seamless, elegant learner environment and experience that is second to none in the business.

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Infographic: How the Internet Is Revolutionizing Education

Unless there's an outright ban, it's almost impossible to find a classroom anywhere in the United States without at least one computer. And in many college lecture halls, nearly every student will come ready with a laptop or tablet. At the very least, they often have a smartphone that's Internet-ready. These tools, only recently available to a mass audience (relatively speaking), are fundamentally altering education. They allow students to access vast stores of information with the press of a button.

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ICBA Online Education Center Grows Every Day

Vubiz is proud to partner with the Independent Community Bankers of America (ICBA) to deliver high quality, up-to-the-minute e-learning to America’s community banks at a very competitive price. Both Vubiz and ICBA are delighted with the growth of clients and courses over the past few months. The ICBA Online Learning Center gives members access to hundreds of online courses created by top subject matter experts. Included with the purchase of these courses is access to a learning management system that allows banks to track the learning progress of each employee. ICBA Online Education Center

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