Volume 6 - Issue 2
Spring 2011


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Client Spotlight: VersaCold grows!

VersaCold has been a client of Vubiz since 2007 and in Q1 of 2011 Versacold was purchased by Americold to create the largest network of cold storage facilities in the world. Americold’s portfolio now consists of over 180 temperature-controlled warehouses located in the United States, Australia, New Zealand, China, Argentina and Canada and represents over 1 billion cubic feet of total storage space.

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ELearning for Mining Industry

Vubiz is working with the Mining Association of Canada (MAC) and Stratos Consulting to develop an innovative case study based program to provide online training for MAC members on MAC's Towards Sustainable Mining initiative.

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Cut to 30% eLearning Development Costs

Let us do the rough math.

Assuming a typical one hour eLearning costs $35,000.

This is how Do-it-Yourselfers think and do.

  • Focus efforts on must learn, probably around 20% of the content.
  • Apply authoring tools on the 20%.
  • Develop images only for some 20% of the content.
  • Develop exercises, tests, games and simulation only on the 10% of the 20%.
  • Use HTML, PDF, Word, PowerPoint, etc. for the 80% references type of content.

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Shake Up Your Training - Blend It!

A line manager and a financial officer walk into a bar. (Don’t worry – there is a point to this quip!) One orders a whisky, neat. The other orders a cola on ice. A training specialist comes up and wonders what to drink. The financial officer suggests straight whisky. The line manager, the soda. The training director likes both options, and wants to please them. So what should the training director do?

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Tablet Comparison: iPad 2 vs Xoom vs TouchPad vs PlayBook

Mobile, eReader and tablet devices have changed the way people access information. The tablet arms race is in full force, so how does the newly released iPad 2 stand against the tablet competition? This chart compares the new iPad 2 specs with the Motorola Xoom, HP TouchPad, and BlackBerry Playbook.

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