Volume 2 - Issue 1
Spring/Summer 2008

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Strengthen Your Brand with Online Learning

When learning professionals think about the power of e-learning, they usually focus on how growing skills improves job performance. But in this increasingly competitive, services-oriented market, there are few operational elements that differentiate one organization from another.

Today, it is the company brand — both internal and external — that sets a company apart. And there are a growing number of corporate leaders who see learning as the key to creating winning value propositions for customers and prospects.

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Companies invest in leadership, supervisory training

This year, spending for supervisory, leadership, and diversity training, will increase according to an annual survey of more than 2,500 senior HR executives by Equation Research.

The 2008 Corporate Learning Factbook published by Bersin & Associates reveals the same trend: leadership development and management/supervisory training are getting more dollars than other areas (21 percent of training dollars in this study).

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Marketing e-learning inside

To gain bigger returns at the business results level, individual learners have to want to learn, and then apply the new skills in the workplace. And as part of an overall e-learning plan, W.I.I.F.M. (What’s In It For Me) should be built into every part of an e-learning strategy. Marketing e-learning internally can borrow techniques from traditional marketing.

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Compliance: Quick and Cheap

The necessity for compliance in today’s business world is driving even more interest and investment in e-learning. Employers need to prove compliance in a wide range of topics like health & safety, privacy, financial reporting, harassment and environmental regulation. To satisfy these growing compliance regulations, online training presents the ideal solution with huge savings in cost (a small fraction of what conventional training costs), time, development and productivity

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How do I get customized content quickly and affordably?

There’s a couple of things you can do to get content running fast, without the expense of new development. Vubiz specializes in flexibility and are the experts at customizing content in our library to meet the specific needs of a client – at a price they can afford. Often a customer will find a course “off-the-shelf” from our library of courses, which is close to what they require. We then tailor the course to look like brand new content at a small fraction of the time and cost. Some ideas to make it your own ...

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Entrepreneur's Source & Business Advisors - Channels

Vubiz is excited about a new strategic partnership this year with The Entrepreneur’s Source and Business Advisers International. These companies represent more than 200 business coaches across the United States and Canada. For over twenty years, The Entrepreneur’s Source has been a leading source for self-employment options, franchising information, education and training. Entrepreneur Magazine ranks it among the top consulting franchises in the country.

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Small Business Management Certificate

This program was created to provide small and medium-sized businesses easy-to-access online training to enhance and expand their business skills, knowledge and expertise. Click Here to see our SBM Certificate Program!