June 2016

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Vubiz Wins Elearning Award for 4th Year-In-A-Row

Vubiz just went to Anaheim to pick up their award for Best Compliance Elearning at the Elearning! Learning Conference.

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Vubiz provides elearning for federal employees and TTA clients

Vubiz is excited about being selected as the prime provider of soft skills elearning to 350,000 plus federal government employees.

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Elearning for Kids

Vubiz has been working on developing exciting Kids elearning content over the past year and we will be launching this series this summer.

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New Operations Management Course

Vubiz is excited to announce a new elearning program called Operations Management. Operations Management involves the work an organization must do to satisfy its customers.

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How To Use YouTube To Transform Your eLearning Course

By Chris Pappas of Elearning Industry

Millions of people watch YouTube videos on a daily basis, which means that a high percentage of your online learners are probably already familiar with the social networking platform.

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