July 2015

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New Cyber Security Courses Popular

Vubiz announces new courses in Cyber Security and they are proving to be extremely popular.

Here’s an outline of a few of them:

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Harassment Prevention Programs Very Popular

Our Harassment Prevention Programs for 2015 are proving to be some of our most popular in the U.S. market – especially California. Our compliance programs have garnered awards three years in a row.

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Include Video in Elearning?

When it comes to elearning, not every topic needs video for the program to be effective, but some really are enhanced with video. Video can make a difference in how quickly and fully you can learn and retain information. Studies have shown that learning by watching substantially increases retention rates.

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Elearning Trends For 2015

Vubiz is on top of today’s elearning trends – here’s a list of topics trending in elearning blogs.  

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6 Tips To Motivate Your Employees in Online Training

By Christopher Pappas – founder of Elearning Industry Network
Online training is only effective when employees are receptive to the overall online training experience. Even if you've invested countless resources into the design, development, and implementation of your online training, it simply isn't going to offer a significant return on investment unless employees are fully engaged and motivated to learn.

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